Dignity in Suffering. Closeness in Dying. Love in Mourning (1)

Dignity in Suffering. Closeness in Dying. Love in Mourning

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Dear brothers and sisters who arę ill, your sickness makes you in a particular way one of those "who labour and arę bur-dened," and thus attract the eyes and heart of Jesus. In him, you will find light to brighten your darkest moments and hope to soothe your distress. Hę urges you: "Come to me." In him, you will find strength to face all the worries and ąuestions that assail you during this "dark night" of body and soul. Christ did not give us prescriptions, but through his passion, death and resurrection hę frees us from the grip of e vii.

In your experience of illness, you certainly need a place to find rest. The Church desires to become morę and morę the "inn" of the Good Samaritan who is Christ (cf. Lk 10:34), that is, a home where you can encounter his grace, which finds expression in closeness, acceptance and relief. In this home, you can meet people who, healed in their frailty by God s mercy, will help you bear your cross and enable your suffering to give you a new perspective. You will be able to look beyond your illness to a greater horizon of new light and fresh strength for your lives.

Message of His Holiness Pope Francis for the XXVIII World Day oj the Sick 2020


Instead of Foreword: Message of His Holiness Pope Francis for the XXVIII World Day of the Sick 2020


Dignity in Suffering – Illness, Dying and Mourning: Theological Aspect
Teresa Paszkowska

The Closeness of the Family: The Community of Love during the Ordeal of Suffering, Dying, and Mourning
Mirosław Brzeziński

Dignity in Suffering: Testimonies of the Acts of Martyrdom
Marcin Wysocki

Dignity in Suffering: How to Preach?
Stanisław Dyk

Dignity in Suffering: The Homiletic Aspect
Witold Ostafiński

Dignity in Suffering: Catechetical Teaching
Marian Zając

Dignity in Suffering: Suffering as Gift and Responsibility
Antoni Świerczek


Closeness to the Dying: The Gospel of Prayer, Love, and Obedience
Henryk Witczyk

Accompanying the Dying in Faith, Hope, and Love: Wisdom from Saint Augustine’s Confessions
Piotr Turzyński

The Experience of Intimacy in Dying: Individual and Institutional Social Support
Małgorzata Duda

Being Close to the Dying Person: Pastorał Ministry Aspects
Mirosław Kalinowski

Proximity to Death: The Affective and Volitional Dimension of Preaching as a Way to Effectively Communicate with People in Danger of Death
Michał Klementowicz


Love in Mourning: The Gospel of Love and Presence (John 11:1-45)
Mirosław S. Wróbel

Love in Mourning: Catechetical Aspect
Piotr Tomasz Goliszek

Preaching at Catholic Funerals: Challenges and Opportunities
Krzysztof Konstanty Masłowski

Friend or Foe? The Function of Sorrow in the Process of Mourning
Paweł Tomczyk


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Autor: red.: Cristopher Ciccarino, Mirosław Kalinowski, Krzystof Konstanty Masłowski, Leon Szot, Antoni Świerczek, Dianne Traflet

Rok wydania: 2020

Format: B5

Ilość stron: 272


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